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Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling, My Son John,

Went to Bed With His Trousers On.

One shoe off, and one shoe on, this is how the story’s begun! Can you guess what happened next? Little John woke with a fright from a tiny tickling, creeping up his arm in the night! He leaped from his bed, tossing his covers on the floor, fearing what might be in store.

What he saw next made him giggle with glee! It was a roly-poly bug, as round as can be! The roly-poly bug sat very still on the sheet. Then it rolled itself into a tiny ball, oh so neat!

John watched in amazement as the roly-poly uncurled and began to crawl with its many little legs. John thought it was the coolest bug he had ever seen! From that day on, John always looked for roly-polies in his garden. He learned they like to live in cool, damp places. He even gave them a home by placing a few stones in a shady spot in the garden.

Bugs are cool and amazing?! Thanks for loving bugs too! 🐞

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