• The History of International Bug Zoos Inc.

    Founded in 1997 in Victoria, BC, Canada, International Bug Zoos Inc. emerged from a profound love for some of the planet's most underappreciated and underestimated creatures. Our mission? To spotlight the enchanting realm of insects and arachnids in an engaging, secure, and entertaining manner. Visitors of all ages, hailing from every corner of the globe, swarmed to the Bug Zoo for a unique, hands-on experience guided by our passionate Bug Ambassadors. Now, we're bringing the magic online! Dive into our digital world of blogs, news, original artwork, and other captivating content that promises to ignite your imagination. Are you ready to embark on this journey? Let's dive in, shall we? 🐛

  • 👀Eyes on the Prize: Discover the Enigmatic Praying Mantis!

    Meet the Praying Mantis: the charismatic superstar of our bug kingdom! With a flair for the dramatic, these captivating critters are known for their insatiable appetites and their unparalleled vision, rivaled only by the majestic dragonfly. Step into their world and be dazzled by their elegance and prowess.There are over 2,400 described species of praying mantises in the world. They are found in habitats ranging from tropical rainforests to temperate zones. 👀

  • ....and now!

    This business has legs.... and compound eyes! Subscribe to the Bug Blog today. Check back often for fresh offers and new merchandise. We are combing the world for the BEST it has to offer on everything related to entomology, arachnology, ecotourism and nature based learning activities. Thanks for Bugging Out with us today!

    🎯If you wish to inquire about starting your own Bug Zoo in the city where you live please drop us a line!

    ⚠ Please note: The brick and mortar side of International Bug Zoos Inc. was sold to Mr. Chen as "Victoria Bug Zoo" in 2014, under a limited licensing agreement. 💥

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