A child's head open like a puzzle box, with colorful gears turning inside representing different languages and interconnected thought bubbles floating out.

How Raising Multilingual Children Benefits Their Brains

Diddle, diddle, dumpling, my son John,

Went to bed with his trousers on;

One shoe off, and one shoe on, Diddle, diddle, dumpling, my son John.

Sammy the slug loved shoes. All kinds of shoes! Big shoes, little shoes, shiny shoes, muddy shoes. Sammy especially loved the way shoes smelled after a long day of playing with friends. Sammy had lots of friends. He had so many friends he had trouble remembering all their names! There was Olivia the inchworm, Larry the ladybug, and Kevin the caterpillar! Wait! Kevin wasn't his friend anymore! Sammy had accidentally scared Kevin last week when he went to give him a big hug. Kevin can be a little jumpy sometimes, but Sammy was going to try and find him today so he could give him a big hug and tell him how sorry he was!

Sammy set out to find Kevin. First, he had to get past Freddy the firefly. Freddy was afraid of the dark! Can you believe that?! A firefly afraid of the dark? Freddy usually started to glow right around dinner, but Sammy was very hungry, and dinner wasn't for another two hours. Sammy thought and thought. What could he do? He had an idea! He asked Freddy to play hide-and-seek and count to 100! Freddy liked that idea. He closed his eyes and started to count. Sammy didn't waste any time! He knew just the place where Kevin might be hiding!

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