A determined young man with a graduation cap in his hand, coding on a futuristic laptop with binary code streaming in the background, surrounded by glowing circuit boards.

Ahmed's Path: From Dreams to Computer Engineering Success

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. Along came a spider… or was it?

Runaway Train!

Timmy was playing with his toy train set in the garden. He pushed the engine forward, making chugga chugga sounds and pretending to be a very important train conductor. His imagination always took him on the best adventures! Suddenly, he saw something moving in the grass. It was long and black, with legs, and it was wriggling! Timmy jumped back.

“Yikes!” he cried, A Runaway Train! But this train has too many legs! And it’s kind of fuzzy… ” Timmy tiptoed closer, trying to be brave. The closer he got, the more curious he became.

“Excuse me,” Timmy said to the 'Runaway Train'. “Are you lost? Where are all your passengers?” The little creature didn't answer, but it did stop wriggling. Timmy took a deep breath and reached out his hand to help. Just then, his Dad walked over.

Well, hello there, little guy, Dad said, gently picking up the creature in his hands. You're a wooly bear caterpillar! You're not a train at all. ” Timmy’s dad explained that woolly bear caterpillars are harmless and that they eventually transform into beautiful Isabella tiger moths.

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