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> A young princess with long flowing hair, wea

Princess on a Pony

Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross, To see a fine lady upon a white horse.

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Princess Penelope loved her pony, Marshmallow. Marshmallow wasn’t like other ponies. He wasn’t brown, or black, or spotted. He was as white as a cloud, and as fluffy as one too! Penelope would brush his mane every morning, braiding colorful ribbons into his white hair. She would whisper secrets in his ear, telling him about her dreams of becoming a brave knight.

One sunny day, Penelope and Marshmallow went for a ride in the royal gardens. The flowers were blooming, butterflies fluttered by, and the air smelled like honey. Suddenly, Penelope saw something strange crawling on a rose bush. It was long and green, with lots of legs.

“Eww, a creepy crawler!” Penelope cried, scrunching up her nose.

Marshmallow whinnied softly, nudging Penelope with his nose.

“Don’t worry, Marshmallow, I won’t let it hurt you,” Penelope said, even though she was a little scared.

Just then, a voice called out, “Don’t squish him!”

Penelope turned around to see a girl with bright eyes and a big smile. She wore a dress with ladybugs on it and had a magnifying glass in her hand.

“Why not?” Penelope asked.

“Because he’s a caterpillar,” the girl explained. “And caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies!”

Penelope had never thought of it that way. She watched as the caterpillar munched on a leaf, its body moving like a tiny green wave.

“He’s kind of cute,” Penelope admitted.

The girl giggled. “He is! And look, he has so many legs. He’s like a tiny dragon!”

Penelope and the girl watched the caterpillar for a long time. They learned that his name was Chomper, and he loved to eat rose leaves. Penelope even helped him climb to a higher branch when he was finished with one leaf.

From that day on, Penelope wasn’t scared of bugs anymore. She learned that even the smallest creatures could be fascinating and beautiful. She and Marshmallow would often visit Chomper in the garden, watching him grow bigger and bigger. And Penelope knew that one day, Chomper would turn into a magnificent butterfly, just like the ones that fluttered around Marshmallow’s mane.

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Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home, Your house is on fire, and your children are gone

Bugs are cool and amazing?! 🐞

Luna loved ladybugs. She loved their bright red shells, their tiny black dots, and the way they fluttered from leaf to leaf. Whenever she saw a ladybug, she would gently cup it in her hands and whisper, Fly away home, little ladybug, your house is on fire, and your children are gone.

Luna knew, of course, that the ladybug's house wasn't really on fire. It was just a silly rhyme. But she liked to imagine the ladybug flying back to a cozy little house, where its baby ladybugs were waiting for it.

One day, Luna was playing in her backyard when she saw the biggest, most beautiful ladybug she had ever seen. It was bright red with seven black dots, and it seemed to glow in the sunshine. Luna carefully picked it up and held it in her palm.

Wow, she whispered. You're so pretty.

As Luna looked closer, she noticed something strange. The ladybug had a tiny, sticky white blob on its back.

What's that? Luna wondered.

She ran inside and found her older brother, Leo, who loved science. Leo took one look at the ladybug and grinned.

That, Luna, is an aphid, he explained. It's like a tiny little bug that ladybugs love to eat!

Luna was amazed. She had never thought about what ladybugs ate before.

So, the ladybug is like a superhero? she asked.

Exactly! Leo said. Ladybugs help protect plants by eating aphids and other bad bugs that can hurt them.

Luna carefully placed the ladybug back on a rose bush. She watched as it crawled around, searching for more aphids to gobble up.

Thank you for protecting the plants, little ladybug, Luna whispered.

From that day on, Luna looked at ladybugs with even more admiration. They weren't just pretty bugs, they were tiny superheroes, protecting gardens and keeping plants healthy. And Luna knew that whenever she saw a ladybug, she would always say, Fly away home, little ladybug, but now, she would also add, and thank you for being a superhero!

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