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Five Essential Children's Books That Teach Empathy, Self-Acceptance, and Nurture Young Hearts

A Tiny Speck of Black on a Blade of Grass

What am I?

A little black speck, I sit upon a green leaf. I’m smaller than a ladybug and bigger than an ant. What am I?

“A flea!” shouted Kevin, as he jumped up and down. “Did you know fleas can jump 150 times their height? That would be like you jumping over a skyscraper!”

Katie rolled her eyes. “You always think it’s fleas, Kevin. But what if it’s a baby beetle? They can be really tiny too, you know. ”

Their grandpa smiled. “You’re both right. It could be a flea or a baby beetle, or even something else entirely! The best way to find out is to… observe!” Grandpa held up a magnifying glass. “This will help us get a closer look without disturbing the little critter.”

The children crouched down, their eyes wide with curiosity. Through the magnifying glass, they saw a tiny, shiny black creature with six legs. It wasn’t a flea, nor a baby beetle. It was a…

A tick, whispered Katie, a shiver running down her spine. I've heard they can bite.

They can, Grandpa confirmed, But not all ticks are harmful. There are many different kinds, and some are completely harmless to humans. The important thing is to learn about them and treat them with respect, just like any other living creature.

He gently nudged the tick off the leaf and onto the ground. There you go, little one. Back to your home.

Bugs are cool and amazing?! Thanks for loving bugs too! 🐞

Katie and Kevin spent the rest of the afternoon learning about ticks from their grandpa. They were amazed by how complex these tiny creatures were, and how important they were to the ecosystem.

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