After 18 years Carol Maier (UGuelph’90), founder/entomologist of the Victoria Bug Zoo, is passing the Bug Zoo torch to new owners, effective May 1st, 2014! The Victoria Bug Zoo has become an iconic attraction over the years with thousands of visitors sharing in the thrill of holding a shaking leaf insect or wearing a giant African millipede moustache. The Victoria Bug Zoo has hosted multitudes of school groups and tourists from around the world, and will continue to do so with the new management.

It is with mixed emotions that Carol is saying farewell to the day-to-day activities of the Bug Zoo. Carol says, “I am very profoundly grateful to all the students, staff, teachers and customers who have appreciated and helped make the Bug Zoo the success that it is today”. The Victoria Bug Zoo was the first “edu-tainment” facility of its kind by showcasing multi-legged creatures from the jungles around the world. After some down-time, Carol will pursue some other interests and provide services to the entomological community and tourism.

She remains the owner of International Bug Zoos Inc and the trademark “Bug Zoo”. Her specialized knowledge and unique expertise opens the doors to many opportunities, including import/export of exotic invertebrates. She is interested in Entomological Eco-tours with conservation societies and community-based organizations whose goal it is to save fragile habitats. Carol ponders, “I wish to continue to be active in the education process to especially help ensure that these misunderstood animals (“bugs”) are treated with the respect that they deserve and also participate in habitat protection via eco-tourism”.

The new owners (of Victoria Bug Zoo Inc) bring fresh new energy and talents to one of Canada’s most popular and unique experience-based attractions. The new management say, “We are eager to carry on with the mission of the Victoria Bug Zoo which is to provide positive, fun and educational experiences to people of all ages from around the world. Carol and the Victoria Bug Zoo have helped people to understand and appreciate insects and arachnids, and we are excited to carry on in Carol’s footsteps. Come check us out and have some fun with the amazing bugs!”

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